About Us

A long time ago (well 1987 seems like a long time ago) in an old metal warehouse, our company began by creating hand-made custom shutters. We were originally known as Southwest Shutters. Kevin Jones, the original owner, established a wonderful foundation for Ron and Deanna Wheeler when they purchased the business in 1999. Ron continued to develop the business with the shutters and then made the decision to expand.

In 2002, we were honored to become a Merillat Cabinetry dealer. We had the desire to expand and grow the business to encompass additional interior solutions. Capitalizing on Ron’s prior cabinet installation history (and his attention to detail (a.k.a. “pickiness”) – the business continued to expand. Thus, the name change to “Southwest Shutters and Kitchen Design”.

Fast forward to July 2007. We were thrilled and very fortunate to bring two incredible talents into the business as partners: Tony Rohlik and Lenny Rohlik. The addition of these gentlemen brought an immense wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We went from a great little company to becoming a very full-service organization with awesome talents to assist our customers on multiple aspects of remodeling or home building.

Even though we have a great history, a great company, and great products… More importantly, we have great people and we’re excited about our future!


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