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borderline personality disorder sibling relationships

borderline personality disorder sibling relationships

My sister was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder BPD at 18 after years of the family not understanding her impulsive and difficult behavior. Read preview. On my Family Dysfunction and Mental Health blog, I discuss the movie Thirteen , which is almost an instruction manual on how to create patients with BPD without abusing them. The NHS website says it relies on the patient learning to understand and recognize their negative thoughts and actions, then drawing from strategies on how to respond in a positive way. Having grown up with an acute concern for her welfare, it was an additional weight to carry. From the Publisher Five Tools to Improve the Quality of Your Life Being the support system of someone who is facing borderline personality disorder BPD can feel overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. Either way, all of us, Becky included, were relieved to finally have an explanation for her behavior when we got the offical news.

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