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dating app study

dating app study

A Pew Research Center study showed that couples who met online are more diverse , be it in terms of income, education, political orientation and ethnicity. The recent and real dating drought is more likely to be a temporary blip caused by the pandemic, Rosenfeld says, which made it nearly impossible for people to follow up online connections by meeting face-to-face. The next step for Schroeder and Fishbach is to consider how people might shift their focus towards using their knowledge of other people to make them feel known in a genuine way. They then asked several dozen online participants to write their own profiles, either emphasizing being known or getting to know the other person. This is interesting from a scientific perspective, but it's also interesting for dating platforms, so they can better target certain groups and their needs. NBC News Logo. Women users especially were found to be significantly less satisfied with their love life than those who did not use mobile dating apps.

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