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dating someone who has no ambition

dating someone who has no ambition

Like please. Go to Page I am married to one. In my opinion, if you really want an ambitious partner, then you've got to be prepared to make sacrifices too sometimes, and to be ready to do your fair share of child-rearing, housework, etc, and not just assume that she's going to be career-oriented and ambitious until it's inconvenient for you. For example, if she would be a greedy money grabbing day trader, I wouldn't be able to get behind that. At the end of the day both of you get what you want. It sounds more like you really want a 'girl' who does a great job making you look cool enough to get her, so it's really 'is masculine enough to not make me feel uncomfortable' ambitious and 'makes me feel like a cool successful 29 year old dude' ambitious that you might actually be looking for.

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