gemini dating gemini man / Gemini Love Connection: Compatibility of Gemini Man and Woman

gemini dating gemini man

gemini dating gemini man

Gemini, the mutable aka flexible third sign of the zodiac, is an air sign—extroverted, talkative, and always on the go. With nearly three decades of astrology experience, Angel specializes in relocation astrology and astrocartography. Namely: impulsivity, recklessness, and an unstoppable thirst for instant gratification. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram erikawynn. They are adventurous and constantly seek new experiences. Conversation is foreplay to the Twin. Gemini-Gemini Downside: Teasing, biting, and possibly hurtful humor; easily distracted; instability; high likelihood of straying; indiscreet; too casual with feelings; manipulative behavior.

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