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how do i become a relationship counsellor uk

how do i become a relationship counsellor uk

Firstly, check whether you can gain membership with a counselling association once qualified. Some of the main things tutors look for are: whether you have the right personal qualities to become a therapist self-awareness - your understanding of yourself, your thoughts and values and how you function internally and in relation to others, possibly gained from having personal therapy an understanding of the different theoretical models and approaches and how those used on a specific course suit you as an individual whether you can fully commit to the training at this stage in your life and relationships If your application is rejected, ask for feedback and see what you can do to improve your application should you reapply in the future. You could become a member of a body on the Professional Standards Authority's counselling register to improve your chances of getting a job. You can take on increased responsibility in training or supervision, or choose to specialise in an area such as: bereavement children and young people family therapy mental health sexual health sexual violence substance abuse. Accredited by CPCAB, this two-year qualification provides training for people wishing to work as relationship counsellors within Relate. This, in a way, is up to you. You will need a placement at a Relate Centre.

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