jonathan from stranger things dating nancy / Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton's Relationship Timeline

jonathan from stranger things dating nancy

jonathan from stranger things dating nancy

Jonathan called out to Will to tell him they'll be back by , smiling at him as he told him to have fun. However, when Karen declined and said that Will had left to go home, both Jonathan and Joyce began to worry that Will had gone missing. Panicking, he fanned the smell away using a record album cover and quickly throwing his bong underneath his bed before running out the door with Eleven and Will. Whether they can still resolve their problems successfully remains unknown; after all, they have started to grow apart, and their similarities might no longer be sufficient to maintain their connection. Gone were his toxic traits from the beginning of the show, and he has since matured emotionally, proving himself to be a more suitable partner for Nancy; possibly more than Jonathan. However, when the creature entered a room by oozing underneath the door, Jonathan was unable to open the door due to it being locked from the hospital. El told the boys they needed to get to Hawkins by that night, but Jonathan said it'd be impossible since it was over 2, miles.

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