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unique french girl last names

unique french girl last names

Read on to find a curated list of French last names or surnames. Learning about your family heritage and where your ancestors came from provides a glimpse into all that makes them unique. Sarah Mason. Your last name is almost as much a part of your identity as your first name is. Due to the history of invasions, many French last names have a German origin or have some form of German word in it. Corbin, the name of the castle where the Holy Grail was said to be hidden, came to the fore in the s via actor Corbin Bernsen when he was the high profile star of LA Law , but its use is only now escalating as part of the mania for two-syllable names starting with c or k, as well as from the more youthful image of Corbin Bleu, the attractive actor-model-dancer-singer who was one of the stars of the Disney hit High School Musical. This name is derived from the name of a plant known as vrilles tendril.

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