u/pb dated to 314 ka / Apatite U-Pb dating at UNAM laboratories: analytical protocols and examples of its application

u/pb dated to 314 ka

u/pb dated to 314 ka

Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 14, — Titanite idiomorphic grains are aligned in a chlorite—phlogopite matrix. In his view, discordia arrays are static effects of phase mixing. The approach of independently constraining the common Pb composition from isochron data has previously been shown to be particularly valuable for titanite, as it can sometimes incorporate initial Pb with compositions far removed from age-dependent model Pb compositions, particularly when it has been inherited from the breakdown of U-rich precursor phases during metamorphic reactions e. According to the percolation-type model for diffusion proposed by Geisler et al. However, three qualitative arguments suggested that the U was introduced into the zircon, which is included within plagioclase:. Nauchny Mir Publ, Moscow, pp.

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