what do u need in a healthy relationship / 13 proven ways to maintain a healthy relationship with Tony

what do u need in a healthy relationship

what do u need in a healthy relationship

She is a lifelong student of psychology, personal growth, and human potential as well as an ICF-certified ACC transpersonal life and leadership Coach. Signs of Healthy Relationships. Essentially, thoughtfulness means keeping your partner in mind and striving to do things that will make their lives better. Even though intense feelings early on eventually return to normal levels, couples in healthy relationships are able to build progressively deeper intimacy as the relationship progresses. They will encourage you to spend time with friends and family, work toward your personal goals and have a life outside of your relationship. In a healthy relationship, both people should feel relatively comfortable bringing up issues, expressing themselves and listening to one another. Some have higher needs for openness and affection than others, for example.

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