when will damon and elena start dating / What Episode Do Damon And Elena Kiss For The First Time? & 14 Other Important Delena Episodes

when will damon and elena start dating

when will damon and elena start dating

She remarks, that not only does Elena help bring out Damon's humanity, and make him a better man, but Damon also changes her as well; he challenges her, surprises her, makes her question her life and her beliefs. In Years of Solitude , Damon and Elena are having a hard time dealing with their breakup. Later on in the night while in the boarding house recovering from being drained of most of her blood Damon gives Elena a glass of bourbon to help her forget everything she experienced. Not anymore. Damon confesses that he can't change who he is but he refuses to change Elena and leaves. Showrunner: Julie Plec. Damon's first line in the pilot served as the final line of the series, as the Salvatore brothers were reunited after Damon's human death, a poignant and full-circle ending for the series and the characters' relationship.

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